Phil’s Bands

Phil’s Bands

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Phil Salazar

and the Kin Folk

Bluegrass, Swing and Mayhem

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HH Promo 2

Harlem Holler

Jazz to Bluegrass with a cool jazz feel!

Hans Ottsen, Phil Salazar, Randy “Tico Tico” Tico

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Phil Salazar

and Jonathan McEuen

Phil and Jonathan have been playing music together since Phil started
touring with Jonathan¹s father John McEuen back in 1996. These two musicians from two generations draw from a world of resources to achieve their sound, including Rock, Blues, Jazz, Swing, Bluegrass, Country, Irish & Scottish, the Middle East and Asia. Though they often perform as a duo which leaves them wide open to improvise and just going off in any direction, sometimes they tour as The String Lizards. Phil and Jonathan spend part of their time touring and promoting their new publishing company McZar MUSIC. Phil and Jonathan produce awesome music and a memorable show.For booking click here!

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