WebCam Lessons

Webcam Lessons

In the 21st century, with an Internet connection, free easy-to-use video chat software, and a webcam, we have the technology to have a face-to-face fiddle lesson wherever you and your computer may be.

What you’ll need is:

• A computer connected to the Internet
• Free video chat software
• A webcam

As I travel around the world, people always tell me that they wish I could give lessons to them or their kids.  Ok…now we can have a lesson at any time and any place!

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More Details

What Kind Of Internet Connection Do You Need?
Any broadband Internet connection will work: cable, DSL, satellite, Clearwire, etc. All of these have enough speed to deliver and receive high-quality audio and video for your lesson. The only Internet connection that won’t work is old-fashioned dial-up. [Available soon] If you have dial-up, you can start with the Tune Lesson Downloads


You’ll Need to get free Video Chat Software

For PC and Mac users.

Skype is a free program that allows voice and video chat. It works like a telephone, but it includes voice and video. Instead of dialing a phone number, you call a person through their username…For both PC and Mac users.


For Mac users.

iChat is a program for Apple Mac included free with all new Macs. Like Skype, iChat allows users to chat with voice and video. Again, like Skype, with iChat you call someone by username rather than dialing a phone number. For Mac users.



Getting The Right Webcam

I did a quick Google search and found page after page of webcams
ranging from $5 to $80. Skype recommends a few.
Many newer computers have webcams built in.

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